Photo Gallery


"Time Enough For Love"

"March of the Ladybug"  'Walking Bead' Pattern

Full Persian Weave with beads

Jens Pind Linkage "Micro Maille"

Coif Caged Rose Quartz Heart

"12 Hour Blues"

"Steam Charm"
Inca Puno, Box or Queen's Chain Pattern (16 Copper)

Half Persian 4 -in- 1
Half Persian 3 -in - 1 with beads and charm
"Daring"  Japanese 6 -in- 1
European Lace


"Maiden's Favor"

Byzantine Weave with Fresh Water Pearls

Byzantine Flowers

Byzantine Weave with Genuine Peridot (Bracelet)

Byzantine Weave (Crown Pattern) with genuine Amethyst

Spiral Weave in Silver

Spiral Weave in Gold tone

Sterling Silver and genuine Malachite

European Weave variation


European Lace Variations Small and Large Chain

Multicolored aluminum Jen Pind's Linkage

Reversible Japanese Flower Bracelet

Silver Japanese Flower Bracelet (6 -in- 1 Weave)
Celtic Start - Boise State University or Denver Broncos Team Colors

Blue Streak - European 6-in-1 Micro Maille

Dragonscale - "Mermaid's Tail", Anodized Aluminum

Mini Celtic Stars (Snowflakes)

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